Your Ultimate Beginners Guide To Traffic Sources For CPA Offers

As a beginner CPA Marketer or even if you have some experience, the CPA advertising model requires you buying advertising (from traffic sources) to promote CPA offers on the CPA Networks. The key to making a profit from this business model is to make sure you can profit from the advertising you are buying from traffic sources.

There are hundreds of traffic sources available to CPA Marketers and they can be categorized into the following types below as explained  by my partners at Maxbounty one of the top CPA Networks that I work with









Below, we’re going to go into more detail on each one, but let’s first talk about some factors that may impact your decision.

Key Decision Factors

Your budget

Some traffic sources are going to cost more than others. Determining how much you’re willing to spend will eliminate traffic sources that require larger budgets.

Keep in mind that although there are ways to acquire traffic for free, it can require even more time and work than acquiring paid traffic.

If you don’t already own a website, blog, or social media page/YouTube channel with a substantial following, you likely won’t be able to use a free traffic source.

Your experience level

If you’ve never ran an offer before in your life and have no pre-existing free traffic source at your disposal, you’ll need to pay for traffic.

You also may be hesitant dropping thousands of dollars on traffic so quickly into your online career – and for good reason.

Stick to sources that will allow you to start out with smaller budgets, such as search and social, until you become more comfortable promoting offers and allocating more funds to your initiatives.

Pre-existing skills

Your own developed skills can play a role in which traffic types you can use to promote offers.

Possessing writing, design/photoshop, HTML/coding, or social media marketing skills can be useful for optimizing certain traffic sources. For instance, you can create your own pre-sell landing pages which will allow you to test different sales angles. These operate as a bridge between your traffic source/ad and the offer you’re promoting.

Vertical and niche

Every offer at MaxBounty has a different set of permitted traffic sources. Therefore, the types of offers you decide to promote or the niche they’re in can influence your traffic source preferences.

Now we’re going to get into each specific traffic type. We’re also going to let you know which types of offers tend to convert well within these types.

So as you can see from their blog post it really depends on what you would like to promote, your budget and experience level.

I will cover the traffic sources I use and also do some case studies on how I approach each traffic source in future blog posts. If you are new to CPA Marketing then I suggest starting off go with a traffic source like Facebook or Bing Ads to promote SOI (Single Optin) offers in Survey, Dating and Gaming niches as this will give you good conversions once you gather data and optimize your campaigns.

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