What is a CPA Campaign?

A CPA campaign is a flow that occurs when a visitor clicks on your ad to completing your CPA Offer.

Every CPA campaign run by most CPA affiliates/publisher comprise of 3 different components –

Ad – Visitor clicks on your ad – (Text Ad, Banner Ad, Image Ad, Native Ad etc)

Landing Page – The landing page qualifies the visitor about your CPA Offers. It is a web page that uses persuasive elements such as testimonials, benefit-oriented copy, time elements and engaging media to convince your visitors to take a specific action such as downloading software, sign up for free trials, register on a website etc. Your landing page should also offer an angle that presells your visitor on the CPA offer you want them to complete.

The angle will resonate with different audiences that come to your landing page before they click through to your offer.

For example you may offer a Paid Survey CPA offer that relates to Moms raising kids at home that require an extra income.

Your Landing page should include copy to convince the average mom that she should take a look at your CPA Offer. Your Ad should be congruent with your landing page.

Offer – The offer is another web page that you don’t control and is most likely provided by the advertiser of the CPA Offer. This page is where you expect the visitor to take the desired action so you can get paid by the advertiser. You want to make sure your CPA campaigns  qualify the visitors you want to complete your CPA Offers. Again your ad should be congruent with your landing page and your CPA offer

I personally use what I call the 5:2:2 formula for each campaign I run to be able to spilt test different element of my campaign. So 5:2:2 is I run 5 Ads, 2 Landing pages and 2 Offers on each campaign to find out the best combination that will give me the most conversions on my CPA Offer.

I would make an in- depth post on this next time.

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