The 3 CPA Marketing Commandments I use to promote CPA Offers Effectively

As a CPA Marketer, you will have tonnes of CPA offers to promote as an affiliate or publisher.

No matter which CPA Offer you are promoting you will need to follow this 3 Commandments to be a successfully CPA Marketer.

These 3 CPA Marketing Commandments is what separates the top super affiliates from the wannabes marketers.

Commandment No 1 – You must have an ANGLE that you will use to attract quality leads to your CPA Offers

Commandment No 2 – Use what I call PASΒ (Know Your Prospects PAIN points, AGIGATE their PAIN, and then provide a SOLUTION (your offer) to their pain. THATS IT….

Commandment No 3 – You are a problem solver, not a salesman or marketing genius.

You MUST master those 3 Commandments to generate quality traffic that will convert your offers no matter what medium you are using whether Paid or Free Traffic.

When you choose a CPA offer you must have a plan in place to promote that offer. DO NOT BE LIKE all the wanna be marketers and always think about the ‘ANGLE’ that you can use to entice your prospects to make them want to take action on your CPA Offers.

Remember, the more well thought out your angles are to your CPA offer, then more likely it will be you will make money!!

KEEP the Hustle

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