How To Get Accepted Into CPA Networks (Questions and Answers) – Part 2

I wrote about some tips on how to get into CPA Networks in my previous post that you can find here

On this post I want to outline some questions you may be asked by a CPA Rep/Manager once you submit your application and you get on a Skype/Phone call with them.

Q – What Traffic Sources will you be running?

A – I will be running mainly social ads (Facebook), Pay Per Click (Bing Ads) and mainly second tier media buying platforms

Tip – It is better to say you will be running Paid Ads because that is what the top affiliates do and that will also ensure the CPA rep you will be able to run volume and quality traffic.

Q – What Verticals/Niches are you interested in?

A – I will be running gaming, surveys and dating offers. These are the easiest CPA offers to run and most of them are Single Opt In (SOI) offers. Once you are up and running you can diversify to more detailed offers such as trial offers.

Q – What is you budget for advertising?

A – I have around $2000 to start running campaigns. I will be able to re-invest my earnings once I get started to generate more advertising capital. To initial test campaigns you will need at least $2000 to test campaigns and gather data to see what is working and what isn’t

Q – How much experience do you have running campaigns?

A – I have about 1 year experience with traditional affiliate marketing using platforms like JVZoo and Clickbank. I will be able to transition to CPA Affiliate Marketing very quickly. Tip – Don’t say you don’t have any experience at all as this will not

Q – How much volume can you drive to our offers?

A – I will start with a budget of $2000 to test out some campaigns. I will look to generate 3-4 figures once I find winning campaigns. Tip – Don’t lie that you will generate a lot of leads right from the start. Better to start small and then once you find winning campaigns you scale up.

Q – Do you have earning history with any other CPA Network?

A – This question depends on if you have some earnings or not. If you do then provide what you have. Even if it is not from CPA Network earnings. If not just say I will start running campaigns ASAP and I have proper guidance to be able to find winning campaigns.

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