How To Get Accepted In CPA Networks – Part1

One of the first tasks as a beginner to CPA Marketing is how to join and get accepted in CPA Networks.

There are tonnes of CPA Networks in the industry, however in most cases you will have to fill in an online application form and possible get on the phone with a CPA Rep to go through your application before a decision is made whether you will get accepted or not.

Don’t be put off by this as the CPA Rep just wants to know that you are serious about CPA Marketing and you will make them money.

Here are some tips to get you accepted into a CPA Network.

  1. Be Proactive – Once you submit your application, do your best to get on a Skype/Phone call with one of the CPA Reps/Managers to go over your application. By being proactive, it shows that you are serious and will make you stand out over other potential CPA affiliates.
  2. You have money to invest into traffic/advertising – CPA is a cash intensive business so in order to be successful you will need some funds to buy advertising to promote CPA Offers. You can explain to the CPA Rep that during your Skype/Phone call you have $1000-$2000 to get you started even if you don’t have it at your disposal.
  3. Show that you are a serious marketer – Another crucial tip is to show the CPA network that you are professional to work with and that you are a serious marketer that will be using legit free/paid traffic strategies to promote their CPA Offers. If you have been involved in traditional affiliate marketer then just tell the CPA rep and that will further boost your application. Most importantly, the CPA rep will want to make sure you will be able to generate quality leads for the advertisers whose products and services you will promote.

Below is an excerpt from an application I filled to join (A top affiliate network)

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