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Is Easy Sketch Pro The Best
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Introduction to this Easy Sketch Pro Review

Introduction to this Easy Sketch Pro review

Is Easy Sketch Pro software a dream come true for anyone looking to create compelling videos? Or is it a poor substitute for hiring professionals to do the job for you? And where can you get the best deal on this product?

Read on and you’ll find answers to these questions and much more in our detailed review.

Easy Sketch Pro is software that automates the process of creating so-called ‘whiteboard animation videos’ where images and text are ‘drawn’ on screen to illustrate the narrative of the video.

In this review, we will look at whiteboard animation, explain why it is so effective, examine the alternatives for creating whiteboard animation and determine whether Easy Sketch Pro is a good choice.

But, before we dive in, why should you listen to me?

Hello, my name is Ade Lamidi and I have been marketing successfully both online and offline since 2007.

I first came across whiteboard animation videos around 18 months ago and I was instantly hooked.

They are fresh, innovative and, most importantly, they capture attention and hold it like no other video format I have come across.

And that means they are much more effective at getting your message across, whatever that message may be.

I knew I had to use whiteboard animation in my business and, since then, I have been on a quest to find the best solution.

I have tried and tested pretty much everything out there, from hiring top-notch professionals at $100’s per minute of video, through various brands of whiteboard animation software, to taking out Fiverr gigs at $5 per minute of video.

When it comes to whiteboard animation, I can safely say I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt.

I grabbed Easy Sketch Pro as soon as it came out and I have since used it to create dozens of whiteboard animation videos for a multitude of purposes.

This honest and detailed review gives you the benefit of my experience.

As well as putting Easy Sketch Pro under the microscope, I also compare it with the principal alternatives for whiteboard animation.

I hope you find it useful.

Navigating this Review

What is Whiteboard Animation?

What is whiteboard animation?

If you are already acquainted with what whiteboard animation is, why it is so effective and what uses you can put it to, you can skip straight to How Does Easy Sketch Pro Help?. Otherwise, please read on.

Whiteboard animation videos are known by many other names including ‘sketch videos’, ‘doodle videos’, ‘video scribing’ or ‘explainer videos’. We will stick with whiteboard animation for convenience.

In its original form, ‘whiteboard animation’ is where an artist sketches images and text onto a whiteboard, or maybe paper or canvas, to illustrate a particular script or narrative.

The artist is videoed during his or her work and the footage is then edited and speeded up so that images and text coincide with what is being said in the voice-over narrative for the final video.

In essence, whiteboard animation is more aptly described as ‘time-lapse’ or ‘stop-motion’ video, since, despite the name, actual animation in the usual sense of the word is rarely used.

Whiteboard Animation Example

Now that may all sound a bit complicated, but the concept is quite easy to understand when you watch an actual whiteboard animation video. Here is an example promoting Easy Sketch Pro…

The above video demonstrates the key aspect of whiteboard animation… the images and text being drawn onto the whiteboard are designed to tell a story on their own (as in the above example) or to illustrate and emphasize the points being made in an accompanying voice-over.

As we shall see, the problem with whiteboard animation for most people is that  creating it in this way requires a lot of highly-skilled man-hours and that makes it very expensive.

To provide a more cost-effective alternative, software (such as Easy Sketch Pro) is coming onto the market to mimic true whiteboard animation without involving human beings in the process.

You can find out more about whiteboard animation in this Wikipedia entry (opens in a new window so you won’t lose your place here).

Why Use Whiteboard Animation?

Why use whiteboard animation?

Hopefully, you now understand what whiteboard animation is. But why should you use it?

The answer in a word is… engagement.

You are creating a video for a reason, whether that be to sell something, teach something or simply to entertain. Whatever the reason, you want your audience to watch as much of your video as possible, ideally from start to finish. And they are much more likely to do that if they are enjoying what you are showing.

Many tests have shown that whiteboard animation videos have a far higher engagement (or ‘retention’) than more traditional ‘talking head’ or screen capture videos.

There are a few reasons for this.

First, the historical cost and technical skills needed to produce whiteboard animation videos means that they are still pretty rare. And that makes them novel and attractive, especially when people see them for the first time in a new context.

Second, they are simply more entertaining to watch than a set of Power Point slides or a man in a suit talking to the camera. Something new and dynamic is happening on the screen all of the time to keep the viewer’s attention.

Third, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and there is a lot of truth in that. Carefully chosen images and text can tell a story in their own right or can be used to emphasize and reinforce the points being made in a voice-over. People are much more likely to be affected by things they see and hear than with things they just hear.

If you need hard evidence to prove that whiteboard animation works, you only have to look around on the internet.

Just about all of the big name marketers and brands are using whiteboard animation more and more to promote their wares. These people have big testing budgets and they would not be using whiteboard animation in such a big way unless they knew it improved their results significantly.

A final reason for using whiteboard animation is that, once you know what you are doing, it can actually make the process of creating videos much easier. Many people struggle with the ‘visuals’ to use in their videos and this provides a simple solution.

What Can You Do with Whiteboard Animation?

What can you do with whiteboard animation?

The beauty of whiteboard animation is it has almost infinite uses. Think of almost anything you want to achieve in any online (or even offline) venture and the chances are that whiteboard animation can help.

Here are just a few ways in which people are using whiteboard animation to good effect…

1) Use whiteboard animation to promote affiliate offers

When you promote an affiliate offer (i.e. where you earn commissions on sales of someone else’s product or service), the chances are that there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of other people doing exactly the same thing.

How do you stand out from the crowd and get people to click on your links and not the other guy’s? Why not create a simple whiteboard animation video to introduce the key benefits of the offer?

Very few people are using whiteboard animation yet and so your pitch is going to be both unusual and entertaining and, therefore, more effective.

2) Use whiteboard animation to encourage optins

If you are an Internet marketer, you are more than likely to be sending people to an ‘optin page’ where you offer them some form of free gift in exchange for their email addresses. This is called ‘list building’.

The problem with optin pages is that they all look so similar these days. And, to be honest, they are pretty dull and uninteresting!

Use an entertaining whiteboard animation video on your optin page and you are much more likely to grab people’s attention. Even better, create a ‘two-part’ video that leaves viewers wanting more. To get more, of course, they have to leave their email address to see ‘part 2’.

3) Use whiteboard animation to make your blog or website ‘stickier’

If you have a blog or website, you want to keep your visitors on it for as long as possible. In other words, you want to increase its ‘stickiness’.

Whiteboard animation videos are much more engaging than more traditional screen capture or ‘talking head’ videos. They tell a visual story and people love stories. They also give you the opportunity to inject some humour into your content without detracting from the message you are trying to get across.

4) Use whiteboard animation to get ‘traffic’

Most marketers know the power of getting a video on YouTube (or other video service), getting it viewed and then sending viewers (or ‘traffic’) to whatever offer they are promoting. In fact, YouTube is the second most used search engine online.

But most people shy away from creating videos, either because they don’t want to be seen on camera or because they don’t think they can master the technical aspects.

Whiteboard animation videos (if you can create them cheaply) are the perfect answer. You write a script, record it and then create images to accompany it. It’s quick, engaging and even fun to do.

5) Use whiteboard animation instead of sales copy

Many marketers struggle with writing good ‘sales copy’ (the words that sell their product or service).

Instead, why not create a whiteboard animation video or, even better, a series of videos that gets your message across. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is certainly true that many people prefer watching and listening to having to wade through dry text.

6) Use whiteboard animation to teach

The most effective teaching happens when students are being entertained at the same time. So why not create one or more whiteboard animation videos, interlaced with screen capture or live action video as necessary? You could even create a sketch ‘teacher’ who turns up to introduce and summarise key points in your training.

And so much more

This is just a small taster of what you can achieve with whiteboard animation. The limit really is your own imagination.

Why Isn’t Everyone Using Whiteboard Animation?

We’ve seen that whiteboard animation is very effective at getting a message across.

So why isn’t everyone using it?

The simple one-word answer is… cost.

Whiteboard animation has probably been around in a big way for a couple of years now. For most of that time, unless you happen to be a graphic artist with some specialist equipment, the only option for creating these videos has been to employ a professional  artist or video production company to create your whiteboard animation videos.

That can be very expensive. A professional artist has to create each image used in the video, so it could take several hours to draw out a speeded-up video lasting a few minutes (and that isn’t allowing for mistakes along the way). Then there is the cost of the video recording and production equipment.

The end result is that it can cost thousands of dollars to produce a single whiteboard animation video lasting just a few minutes. Have a look around and you will see businesses asking around $500 per minute of whiteboard animation and spending $10,000 on a 5-minute video is not uncommon.

These high-ticket prices are a result of supply and demand. Marketers with deep pockets see the power of whiteboard animation and there are only so many places they can go to get them. Those places can charge accordingly.

More About Whiteboard Animation

If you want to find out more about whiteboard animation, go to our Whiteboard Animation section (opens in a new window so you won’t lose your place).

How Does Easy Sketch Pro Help?

How does Easy Sketch Pro help?

There is a huge demand for whiteboard animation videos but they have been out of the price range of most people.

Easy Sketch Pro responds to that demand by providing a cost-effective alternative.

The software was developed over a period of 9 months by a team of marketers who had seen excellent results from using whiteboard animation to promote their products but had been paying through the nose to employ video production companies to create them for them.

In simple terms, Easy Sketch Pro automates the process of producing whiteboard animation with the objective that anyone – even people who cannot draw to save their lives – can now use this powerful marketing and video production technique.

Easy Sketch Pro Example

This is illustrated in this short whiteboard animation video created using Easy Sketch Pro…

What Does Easy Sketch Pro Do?

Watch this video for an overview of what Easy Sketch Pro can do…

At its heart, Easy Sketch Pro is software that mimics the process of a ‘real’ artist’s hand sketching images and text.

You provide the finished images and text you want to illustrate the narrative of your video and load them into the software. Easy Sketch Pro will then analyze them, break them down into their constituent parts and then rebuild them on screen with the addition of a graphical ‘hand’ to make it appear that they are being drawn.

However, as the above video shows, Easy Sketch Pro is capable of doing a lot more than that.

Easy Sketch Pro Demonstration

Watch our detailed demonstration of how to use the basic functions of Easy Sketch Pro to create a simple whiteboard animation video from start to finish…

You will see from watching the above video that Easy Sketch Pro is very easy to use.

Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos with Easy Sketch Pro

Here are the key steps in using Easy Sketch Pro to create a whiteboard animation video…

1) Preparation


In practice, you will have done most of the ‘work’ for your project before you load up Easy Sketch Pro.

The first step is to create an outline of the key points you want to get across in your video.

You would then develop the outline into a script. How detailed this is will depend on how much you are prepared to ‘ad lib’ in the voice-over narrative.

For some projects, you do not need a voice-over at all. You can simply allow the visuals you create to tell the story for you. But you will still want some form of script to guide you as to the images and text to use.

When your script is ready, you would develop it into a ‘storyboard’ by selecting the sort of images and text you want to illustrate the narrative.

You will find many of the images you need in the built-in (and constantly growing) image library. However, you may also need to source your own images.

After all this is done, you are ready to boot up Easy Sketch Pro.

2) The Canvas

The canvas

You start each project with a blank ‘canvas’. This is the area of the screen that the software will record for the final video. In other words, it is what the ‘camera sees’.

You can set the resolution of the canvas to produce your finished video in standard definition or high definition (HD).

3) Add a Voiceover

Add a voiceover

A voice-over is optional. If you want one, you have two options.

The first is to use a microphone and the in-built voice recorder. You simply call up the recorder, click on ‘Record’ and speak into the microphone. When you have finished, the recording will be added to your project.

The second option is to import an existing audio file. You may have created this using other software or you may have employed someone, such as a professional presenter, to record it for you.

4) Add Music

Add music

Again, this is optional. You can select a music track from the in-built music library or import an external audio file.

The software allows you to adjust the volume of both the voice-over and the music file so that, for example, the backing music does not overwhelm the narrative.

You can elect to have the music ‘loop’ back and start again if your project is longer than the track length.

Fade in and fade out options are also available.

5) Add Objects

You now start to build your project by adding images, text and videos (together known as ‘objects’) to the blank canvas.

If you are working from a storyboard, this should be a straightforward process.

You will want to time the introduction of objects so that they coincide with the points being made in the voice-over. If you do not have a voice-over, you will want to ensure that images are complemented with appropriate text to explain them.


There are various options for controlling the manner in which objects appear on (enter) and, optionally, disappear from (exit) the canvas.

The entrance options include…

a) Draw by hand (a hand with a pen appears and ‘draws’ the object)

b) Draw (same as draw by hand but without the hand)

c) None (the object simply appears on the canvas)

d) Drag (the object will move onto the canvas from a direction you specify)

e) Drag on by hand (same as drag but with the addition of a hand doing the dragging)

f) Fade (the object fades into view on the canvas)

The exit options include…

a) None (the object appears on the canvas and stays there)

b) Drag out (the object is dragged off the canvas in a direction you specify)

c) Fade out (the object fades out of view on the canvas)

Once on the canvas, objects can be moved around by dragging and dropping. They can be resized by clicking on any of the corners and dragging in or out.

Another useful feature is being able to duplicate an object along with its settings.

6) Add Images

Add images

You have two options for adding images.

The first is to use the built-in image library. This contains hundreds of images spread across different categories such as ‘characters’, ‘signs’, ‘travel’ and so on.

A distinctive feature of Easy Sketch Pro is that a new batch of images is being added to the library on a weekly basis in response to user requests. So it will be increasingly likely that images you need will be found here.

Alternatively, you can import your own images and add them to the canvas.

Not all images will be suitable. If you want the software to draw your image (rather than have it appear, fade in or be dragged in) it has to be able to break the image down and then reconstruct it.

This is fine for most simple images. However, more complex images need to be in what is called ‘vector’ format (SVG), rather than the much more common ‘raster’ (e.g. JPG or PNG) format.

In simple terms, vector images come encoded with the information the software needs to de-construct them.

There are many sources of vector graphics online and Easy Sketch Pro provides training on how to convert raster images into vectors.

7) Add Text

Add text

You add text using the built-in text editor.

This has similar functionality to a simple word processor. It pulls in all of the fonts installed on your computer and you can change attributes such as the size, color and emphasis of the text.

Text can be manipulated in the same way as images, including re-sizing and rotating.

8) Add Video

Add video

A very cool feature of Easy Sketch Pro is that you can add other videos into your project.

Let’s say that you are creating a whiteboard animation video to promote your business. You could shoot a short ‘live action’ video where you introduce yourself and include that as part of the promotional video. You could then precede it with a sketch sequence saying something like, “and now a message from our sponsor”.

Because the embedded video is treated like an ‘object’, you can move it around, rotate it, re-size it and, for example, have it dragged onto the canvas and off again.

There is also a very neat feature that allows you to create a sketch of the first frame in the video. The software will then draw the sketch and it immediately turns into the video frame and the video starts playing.

But that isn’t the end of what you can do with video in Easy Sketch Pro.

Video as a background

You can also use a video as the background to your canvas.

And that means you can overlay text and images directly over the video.

Imagine having a live action video with thought bubbles, exclamations, explanatory images and text appearing at key points.

On a more humorous note, you could even draw moustaches or silly hats on people in the video!

9) Add Scenes

On most occasions, you will want to use more objects to illustrate your project than will fit on a single canvas.

Just like you would in a movie, you do this by creating additional ‘scenes’, each relating part of your story.

Each scene is called a ‘slide’.

You simply click the ‘New Slide’ button and start adding objects to the new canvas.

The software will automatically ‘pan’ from one scene to the next, using timings that you specifiy.

You can have an unlimited number of scenes in your project.

10) Change Timings and Order

Change timings and order

You can preview your project at any time  by simply pressing the ‘Play’ button.

If you have a voiceover, you will want to change the timing of the entrance and, optionally, exit of objects to coincide with the narrative.

Easy Sketch Pro allows you to control how long it takes for an object to be drawn or otherwise appear on the canvas and the time it takes to disappear or be removed from the canvas.

You can also set the delay between an object appearing and disappearing and between one object being added to the canvas and the next.

By default, objects will be drawn in the order they are added to the canvas. However, you can change this at any time by selecting the object and moving it up or down the sequence.

To help with refining your project, Easy Sketch Pro provides a ‘timeline’. This shows all of the objects in the project in the order they appear. You can play the video from any point by selecting an object as a starting point.

This means that you can make changes to one part of your project and see the effects without having to watch the entire video.

11) Create the Video

When the project is complete, you simply click on the ‘Export’ button and Easy Sketch Pro will record the project and produce a video file in the industry standard MP4 format.

This can be uploaded to YouTube or used in any way you would use any other video.

If you need to make any changes to the video, you simply open the project in Easy Sketch Pro, make the changes and re-export the video.

12) Add ‘Hot Spots’

This is not strictly an Easy Sketch Pro feature since, although it is included, it is actually a separate piece of software that you can plug your final videos into.

In simple terms, you can add any number of ‘hot spots’ to a video.

A hot spot is a an area of the video that the viewer can click on to do something.

For example, people can click on a hot spot to like you on Facebook, to follow you on Twitter, to go to any website you specify or even call up an optin form so they can join your email list.

You specify when the hot spot should appear and how long it should remain on screen. You can even specify that the video pauses and will not resume until the required action is taken.

This is a very powerful tool that significantly increases the marketing power of your videos.

Using Easy Sketch Pro is very simple and intuitive. It should take no more than 30 minutes to an hour to be fully up and running and ready to start creating whiteboard animation videos.

You don’t need any artistic talent because you use existing images. You just decide on what images text and even other videos to use and then how they should be animated. Easy Sketch Pro does the rest for you.

See What Easy Sketch Pro Can Do

The best way to see what Easy Sketch Pro is capable of is to watch a couple of whiteboard animation videos created using the software.

I created this first one in around 10 minutes to promote Easy Sketch Pro itself…

And I created this one in a little under 15 minutes to demonstrate how Easy Sketch Pro can be used for storytelling…

The timings do not include around 10 minutes spent in preparing a very rough ‘storyboard’ for what the video was going to say and the type of images I wanted to use.

Both videos were a lot of fun to make!

What I Like (and Dislike) About Easy Sketch Pro

I have been using Easy Sketch Pro for some time to create dozens of whiteboard animation videos for all sorts of purposes.

Easy Sketch Pro Review Positives

Here is what I like about the software…

1) Easy Sketch Pro is quick and easy to install. You download the installation file and the software is ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

2) Easy Sketch Pro comes with a very comprehensive user manual and set of video tutorials. The tutorials get you up and running quickly while the manual provides very detailed information on every aspect of using the software.

3) Easy Sketch Pro is very intuitive and easy to use. Pretty much everything is point and click or drag and drop. Having watched the provided tutorials, I was creating my first whiteboard animation video within 15 minutes of installation.

4) Easy Sketch Pro comes with a good library of images and music to use in your videos. I find that there are suitable images I can include in most of the videos I have created.

5) Easy Sketch Pro is adding new images to the library on a regular basis (free of charge) in response to user requests. I have not come across a similar service elsewhere. If you want images on a particular subject, you can let the Support Desk know and they will add them to the development list.

6) Easy Sketch Pro allows you to embed videos in your projects so you can have a mixture of whiteboard animation and ‘live action’. I have not seen this in other whiteboard animation software.

7) With a little imagination, the range of effects available in Easy Sketch Pro, although simple in themselves, can be combined to create some pretty impressive visuals beyond pure ‘drawing’. As just one example, stacking multiple images one on top of another can produce something approaching true ‘animation’.

8) Easy Sketch Pro is fun to use and actually quite addictive! It really is like creating your own ‘mini-movies’.

9) The ‘Hot Spot’ functionality that allows you to add calls to action, links to websites, social sharing and even optin forms to your videos. This is a very powerful marketing feature that I have not seen in any other whiteboard animation software or service.

10) The low Easy Sketch Pro price tag… but more of that in a minute.

Easy Sketch Pro Review Negatives

And here is what I don’t like so much about the software…

1) When you have multiple objects overlaying each other, you sometimes have to move objects off the ‘stack’ in order to edit one object somewhere in the middle and then put the objects you moved back onto the stack when you have finished.

It would be handy if there was some way to select objects without having to directly click on them.

That said, it is rare that you will have so many overlapping objects that this is a real problem.

2) The timeline is a very useful feature but, when you open it up, it is shown from the start of the project. If you have a lot of objects and you are tweaking something near the end,  you have to scroll through the timeline to the find the point you are looking for.

This is only an issue for bigger projects consisting of multiple scenes.

3) You can only have an object removed from the canvas immediately after it has been added i.e. before the next object is added to the canvas.

It would be nice if you could also have it removed at some later point after other objects have been added.

To be fair, I have yet to see this feature in other software.

All in all, these are fairly minor gripes when compared with the overall functionality of the software. It should also be noted that Easy Sketch Pro is being regularly updated and there is a good chance that any minor quibbles will be addressed in the future.

Where Can You Get the Best Deal for Easy Sketch Pro?

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Easy Sketch Pro is its price tag.

The basic ‘Starter’ version is available at just $37 from here but for a limited time you can get it for FREE.

This really is an amazing deal when you consider the functionality you are getting.

And that is a one-off payment. There are no on-going payments of any kind.

The purchase price includes…

  • Lifetime usage of the software to create unlimited whiteboard animation videos
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • Over-the-shoulder video tutorials on how to use the software
  • Dedicated support desk for any queries or problems
  • Our huge and exclusive Welcome Bonus Package (see below for details)

This basic licence allows you to create unlimited whiteboard animation videos for personal use or use in your business.

If you want to use the software to create whiteboard animation videos for third parties (e.g. to promote other businesses), you will need the additional commercial licence. This is currently an extra $39.

In addition to the Starter edition, there are two other versions you can purchase.

Videos created by the Starter edition will have a small ‘Made by Easy Sketch Pro’ annotation added to them.

If you want to avoid this, you can opt for the ‘Business’ edition instead for $67.

Finally, there is the ‘Business Pro’ edition for $97. As well as allowing you to add your own logo to the videos you create, this version also comes with a much larger selection of built-in images and backing music tracks. You can get the ‘Business Pro’ edition for FREE for a limited time only

What are the Alternatives to Easy Sketch Pro?

So that is Easy Sketch Pro. But what are the alternatives for creating whiteboard animation and how do they measure up?

1) Do it yourself

You could create whiteboard animation videos yourself the traditional way. That is, sketching the images and text to illustrate your narrative and videoing the results.

This requires a certain amount of artistic flair to create suitable images, specialist equipment to record you doing it and more specialist equipment to edit the footage for the final video.


Unless you are already a graphic designer who happens to also have a technical bent (and lots of free time), this is almost certainly not an option for you.

2) Hire professionals to do it for you

There are plenty of businesses out there offering to create whiteboard animation from scratch for you.

By that, I mean they will take your script and have a professional artist design tailored images and text from the ground up to illustrate it. They will record the whole drawing process and edit the footage into a finished video with an optional music track.

The advantage is clear. Professionals will be involved at every step in the process and so you will inevitably get a far slicker video than you will from any of the alternatives.

Those professionals may also include marketing experts who will make sure the video gets your message across in the most compelling way.

Another advantage is if you do not have a very clear idea of what imagery to use to best accompany your narrative. Many of these businesses will help you to ‘storyboard’ your script prior to going into production.

Plus, of course, the final result will be unique to you. Every aspect of the video will be created specifically for you from the ground up so your viewers will not see the images, text or effects anywhere else. That can be a powerful advantage in attracting an audience.

The huge downside, as we have seen, is cost.

This approach involves a lot of hours of highly-skilled time and that does not come cheap. The minimum you could expect to pay is probably $500 per minute of finished video. And that is at the ‘bargain basement’ level.


If you have deep pockets and you are very confident that the finished video is going to bring in far more than it cost to make, this is the best option.

Otherwise, it is out of the reach of most people.

3) Use ‘budget’ services

There are plenty of people offering to create whiteboard animation for you at very little cost.

Probably the biggest and cheapest source is Fiverr.com. This is an online marketplace where people offer to do all sorts of crazy things for $5. Search the site for ‘whiteboard animation’ and you will get dozens of results.

You will also find similar offers (although a bit more expensive) in online marketplaces and forums, such as WarriorForum.com. Again, search for ‘whiteboard animation’.

The plus side with this option is, of course, that it is very cheap. However, you do to a great extent get what you pay for.

These suppliers are only going to create a whiteboard animation video for you for these low prices if they can do it very quickly. And that has a number of implications…

1) They will be using software (such as Easy Sketch Pro) because doing it ‘by hand’ takes far too long. So they are not doing any more than you could achieve with the software yourself.

2) You will have to provide the script for them to work from. If you want them to use particular types of images, you will also have to provide some form of storyboard.

In other words, you will not get any creative input. You will have to do the preparatory work in the same way as you would if you were using software. In fact, you will have to do more because they will not have your knowledge to fill in any gaps.

3) The rates you will be quoted will carry restrictions. Typically, they may be for a one-minute video with no more than 80 to 100 words in the script.

If you want a three-minute video, you will be trebling the price. And so on. For longer videos, the rates will start to look far less attractive.

4) You will get primarily text rather than images simply because it is easier to add text than to have to source and ‘animate’ images.

Images carry the most ‘punch’ in whiteboard animation and so the impact of your finished video will be watered down.

5) You will almost certainly be restricted to images the supplier has in his or her library of images. In many cases, these may not be the best choices for getting your message across.

6) As good as these suppliers may or may not be, they will not be as familiar with what you are trying to achieve as you are and they are not being paid enough to spend time getting more acquainted.

Inevitably, this means that the passion you have for the project will not be reflected in the final video and that will seriously affect the impact it has.


This is a serious option if all you want is the occasional short whiteboard animation video that is primarily text-based to convey information and does not need to be particularly unique, entertaining or engaging.

If you are looking for whiteboard animation to captivate an audience and get them to do something (e.g. join a list or buy something), these low-cost suppliers usually turn out to be a false economy.

These suppliers can never have your degree of knowledge or enthusiasm and that leads to bland and uninspiring videos.

In pure financial terms, this route does not make sense if you intend to create numerous whiteboard animation videos over an extended time.

Even at $5 a video, it does not take that many to cover the cost of software to do it yourself.

4) Use whiteboard animation software

Software to create whiteboard animation is a relatively recent innovation and there are currently few serious contenders in the market.

We have already looked in depth at one of them – Easy Sketch Pro.

The longest established option and market leader is ‘VideoScribe‘ from ‘Sparkol’.

The core functionality of the two pieces of software is very similar.

Here are the key differences…

1) VideoScribe, by virtue  of being around a lot longer, has larger image and music libraries.

However, the gap is narrowing all of the time because Easy Sketch Pro is regularly adding batches of new images to its library.

2) VideoScribe provides a wider variety of hand and pen combinations and you can even import an image of your own hand if you want to.

Again, the gap is narrowing. Easy Sketch Pro now has some 50 hand/pen combinations to choose from and more will be added in the future.

3) VideoScribe has a ‘morphing’ feature not present in Easy Sketch Pro. This allows you to have one image transform into a second image.

This is a neat effect but it is probably not something that most people would use in their projects on a regular basis.

4) On the other side of the scales, Easy Sketch Pro has the ‘Hot Spot’ feature to add interactivity to your videos. This is a big advantage, particularly if you use videos in marketing.

VideoScribe has no equivalent functionality.

5) Where the two products differ significantly is in price.

As we have seen, the basic version of Easy Sketch Pro is currently available for just $37 (there is an additional fee if you need the commercial licence to create videos for other people).

VideoScribe has several payment options. At the time of writing, these are…

a) £18 or around $27 per month

b) £96 or around $147 per year

c) £398 or around $597 for lifetime use

These prices include personal and commercial use so you do not have to acquire a separate commercial license to create videos for other people as you do with Easy Sketch Pro.

So, even allowing for the commercial license, the cheapest (lifetime) option for VideoScribe is around 8 times as expensive as Easy Sketch Pro. That rises to more than 16 times if you only produce videos for yourself (and don’t need the Easy Sketch Pro commercial license).


Software is the ideal choice for anyone looking to create whiteboard animation on a regular basis without having the budget to employ professionals.

Whiteboard animation software is easy to use and, once mastered, allows for the creation of unlimited videos. This makes it the cost effective alternative to the other options, including the budget services.

Of the two software options considered, Easy Sketch Pro wins on the basis of cost.

Lifetime usage of Easy Sketch Pro currently starts from just $37 (plus an additional fee for commercial use), compared with around $597 for the VideoScribe lifetime payment option.

Indeed, you can buy lifetime usage of Easy Sketch Pro for around half as much again as the cost of a single month’s subscription to VideoScribe.

As we have seen, the additional $560 or so does buy you some extra features that may well be useful if, for example, you will be creating whiteboard animation as a big part of your business.

However, in practice, these additional features are unlikely to be of great value to most users who are using whiteboard animation on an occasional basis in their businesses.


If you recognize the power of whiteboard animation for engaging with your audience and you intend to regularly create whiteboard animation videos, software is definitely the way to go.

It provides a very cost-effective solution whilst giving you complete control over the process.

Unless you have the very deep pockets needed to employ professional artists and video producers, only you have the knowledge and passion to produce truly unique and engaging videos and whiteboard animation software allows you to do that.

There is little of significance to separate the software options out there in terms of functionality.

So it comes down to cost.

At its current base price of $0, Easy Sketch Pro is a tiny fraction of the price of the main contender, VideoScribe, which currently costs around $597 for lifetime access.

And that makes Easy Sketch Pro a runaway winner for the best whiteboard animation solution.

Our Exclusive Easy Sketch Pro Bonus Package

You can get the Starter edition of Easy Sketch Pro for FREE from here.

However, I am so impressed by this software that I am going to make this deal even more attractive by adding a huge welcome bonus package that is designed from the ground up to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

This is not some randomly thrown together collection of irrelevant products. Read on and you’ll see how each item has been carefully selected to add real value to Easy Sketch Pro.

Here is what is included…

1) The Free Image Directory

This PDF document includes Internet links to literally millions of free images you can use in your whiteboard animation.

All of the images are either in the public domain or come with an unrestricted usage licence, meaning that you can use them as you see fit and that includes commercially.

Whatever your whiteboard animation project is about, you are sure to find images to help you out amongst these vast collections.

2) 5,000+ Royalty-Free Images

One of your main concerns using Easy Sketch Pro (or any whiteboard animation software) will be finding suitable images to use in your projects.

I am making that job a whole lot easier.

On top of the Free Image Directory, I am also including a massive download of more than 5,000 (yes, 5 thousand) images that you can use in any way you see fit.

Even better, most of these images are in vector format, making them ideal for use with Easy Sketch Pro.

The collection includes characters, banners, seals, call-outs, icons, backgrounds and much, much more. Whatever you are making your whiteboard animation video for, you will be sure to find images you can use in this massive library.

3) The Video and Graphics Directory

This is a compendium of proven online resources to make your video and graphics stand out from the crowd. And they are all completely free to use.

You will find everything in this handy guide from image search engines to help you find the exact image you are looking for through to graphics software rivalling Photoshop.

4) 1,000+ Music Loops and 100+ Sound Effects

You will want to add backing music to your whiteboard animation videos to create the right type of mood for the message you are delivering.

Easy Sketch Pro comes with its own built-in music library but, while this is being added to on a regular basis, it is still relatively small.

In this huge bonus, I am giving you more than 1,000 (yes, one thousand) music loops that you can just upload to Easy Sketch Pro and use in your projects.

You will find music across multiple genres and for every occasion, from classical to club to disco to rock and all points in between.

There is happy music, sad music, scary music, exciting music, playful music… music for any mood you want to create.

The loops run from 30 seconds all the way up to 3 minutes and more and you are free to use them all in your whiteboard animation projects.

You won’t have to go looking for backing music ever again when it is all here at your fingertips.

And that’s not all…

I am also including more than 100 sound effects, from air horns to zippers, that you can use to add another dimension to your videos.

That’s more than 1,100 audio files you can use in any way you see fit!

5) 1,000+ Vector Images

If the 5,000 images described above are not enough for you, we’ve added a massive collection of more than 1,000 images.

And these are all in the vector format that Easy Sketch Pro loves, so you can plug them straight into the software.

There are 25 galleries, including Animals, Business, Fitness, Food, Money, People, Sports, Travel and much, much more.

Whatever your video project is about, you are sure to find lots of useful images in this huge collection.

6) 172 Image Backgrounds

As well as using a plain white ‘canvas’ for your projects, Easy Sketch Pro lets you use background images.

A small library of images comes with the software, but you can always do with more to give free rein to your creativity.

This collection of 172 high-resolution background images includes abstract, seasonal, textures, fabrics, paper and even studio and room ‘sets’.

7) 46 Video Frames

In addition to the 172 image backgrounds, you also get 46 ‘video frames’.

These are also image backgrounds but come in the form of ‘frames’ for your video presentations.

Hence, you can have your video appear to run on a smart phone, a tablet, a computer, a TV or even on a cinema screen. Very cool!

8) 34 Video Motion Backgrounds

As we have seen, Easy Sketch Pro allows you to add text and images onto a video background.

This collection of 34 video motion backgrounds includes abstract, code, money, space, water, seasonal and many more themes to add that extra dimension to your projects.

9) 1,000+ Stock Photos

A huge collection of stock photos to use in your Easy Sketch Pro or other projects.

The images come in a wide range of categories including Animals, Boats, Computers, Food and Drink, Landscapes, Music, Movies and many more.

10) Access To GetInternetBusiness Membership site

Access to Products & Training on the GetInternetBusiness.com membership site.

What To Do Next

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I hope you have found this review useful and I look forward to welcoming you as a fellow user of Easy Sketch Pro.

Best regards


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