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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation (also known as sketch or doodle videos) are where an animated artist’s hand is seen to sketch images to illustrate the narrative of the video. Such videos are shown to be 153% more effective at getting your message across than screen capture or talking head videos.

The problem that stops more people using them has been cost.

Hiring a professional artist and video producer to create your whiteboard animation can cost $100’s or even $1,000’s per minute of finished footage, putting it beyond the reach of most people.

Doing it for yourself is rarely an option because it requires specialist knowledge, equipment and artistic flair. These are things most people don’t have.

Introducing Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro ImageEasy Sketch Pro changes that. Our review shows that it allows anyone to create an unlimited number of whiteboard animation videos for a low once-only purchase price.

The software is very simple and intuitive to use. Each project starts with a blank ‘canvas’, which is the area of the screen to be recorded in the final video.

You then start adding objects (images and text) to the canvas in the order you want to use them to illustrate the story or narrative of the video.

The entrance and optional exit of each object can be specified in a variety of ways. The software achieves this by breaking the objects down into their constituent parts and then reconstructing them using animation.

The effect used most often will be to have the object ‘drawn’ on the canvas by an animated hand. However, you can also drag an object onto the canvas from any direction (with or without an animated hand), fade it in or simply have it appear.

If you want an object to be removed once drawn, you can have it dragged off or fade it out or make it disappear.

The order and time it takes for objects to enter and exit from the canvas are adjustable.

Images can be taken from the provided library or you can load your own. An in-built text editor (similar to a word processor) is used to add text.

Objects on the canvas may be re-sized, rotated and flipped in any direction.

If your narrative requires more space, you can simply add additional canvases or ‘scenes’ and the software handles the transition from one to the next.

A voice-over can be added using a microphone and the built-in recorder or you can import an existing audio file.

Optionally, a music track can be selected from the provided music library or you can import one of your own.

The project can be previewed at any time and from any point. You can then add new objects, change their sequence, amend their timings or delete them altogether.

When you are happy with the project, you just click the ‘produce’ button to record the final video for upload to YouTube or for whatever purpose you want it for.

Easy Sketch Pro makes the process of creating whiteboard animation videos very quick, simple and actually fun.

You do not need artistic flair because you use existing images. You just decide on what images to use, how they should be animated and what text you want to accompany them. Then just sit back and watch the software work its magic.

East Sketch Pro brings the power of whiteboard animation to all for less than the cost of getting a single minute produced by the professionals.

Full Demonstration

Watch this video to see a full demonstration of how to use Easy Sketch Pro to create whiteboard animation videos. If you are new to the software, you can also use this as ‘fast start’ training to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

This demonstration assumes you have no prior knowledge of how to use the software. It starts with adding images and text and then shows how to add effects to ‘animate’ your objects. Finally, it shows you how to create your final video.

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Example Easy Sketch Pro Videos

All of the following videos were created using Easy Sketch Pro. They demonstrate the power of the software and showcase the wide range of video types it can be used to create.

Watch and find out what you can do with this whiteboard animation software.

Why You Need Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation Video for Fun and Profit

Whiteboard Animation in Minutes Using Easy Sketch Pro

Story Telling with Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro Effects Tour

Watch this short whirlwind review tour around some of the whiteboard animation effects available in Easy Sketch Pro.

You control how images and text are added to, or removed from the canvas. Have them drawn, appear, fly in, fly out, dragged in, dragged out and much more.

It’s not just quick and easy… it’s a whole lot of fun too!

CPA Tsunami Sales Video

This whiteboard animation video was created using Easy Sketch Pro to promote an Internet marketing product called ‘CPA Tsunami’.

If you are interested in finding out more about this product, click here (opens in a new window).

PPC Tsunami Sales Video

This whiteboard animation video was created using Easy Sketch Pro to promote an Internet marketing product called ‘PPC Tsunami’.

If you are interested in finding out more about this product, click here (opens in a new window).

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