Easy Sketch Pro Bonuses


Here are full details of our Easy Sketch Pro welcome bonus package. Each bonus has been carefully chosen to enable you to get the most out of using the software.

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1) The Free Image Directory (Updated for Version 3)

This PDF document includes Internet links to literally millions of free images you can use in your whiteboard animation.

All of the images are either in the public domain or come with an unrestricted usage licence, meaning that you can use them as you see fit and that includes commercially.

Whatever your whiteboard animation project is about, you are sure to find images to help you out amongst these vast collections.

2) The Video Ranking Formula (Updated for Version 3)

Whatever you are creating your video for, you want as many people as possible to see it . And one of the best ways to ensure that happens is to get it high up in the YouTube and Google search results.

The Video Ranking Formula shows you how to do just that in quick and easy ‘do this then do that’ steps.

This is the same system I have used to repeatedly get my whiteboard animation videos onto the first page of YouTube and Google.

Creating unique whiteboard animation videos to promote your own or other people’s products and then getting those videos appearing high up in the search results is a recipe for hands-free income and I show you how to do it.

3) 5,000+ Royalty-Free Images

One of your main concerns using Easy Sketch Pro (or any whiteboard animation software) will be finding suitable images to use in your projects.

I am making that job a whole lot easier.

On top of the Free Image Directory, I am also including a massive download of more than 5,000 (yes, 5 thousand) images that you can use in any way you see fit.

Even better, most of these images are in vector format, making them ideal for use with Easy Sketch Pro.

The collection includes characters, banners, seals, call-outs, icons, backgrounds and much, much more. Whatever you are making your whiteboard animation video for, you will be sure to find images you can use in this massive library.

4) The Video and Graphics Directory (Updated for Version 3)

This is a compendium of proven online resources to make your video and graphics stand out from the crowd. And they are all completely free to use.

You will find everything in this handy guide from image search engines to help you find the exact image you are looking for through to graphics software rivalling Photoshop.

5) Video Marketing Gold (Updated for Version 3)

If you are new to video marketing, I have you covered. This 30-page guide is packed with step-by-step information assuming zero prior knowledge. It will show you how to plan, create and distribute videos that will get watched and acted on. Combined with Easy Sketch Pro and the Video Ranking Formula, you have the complete package for earning an ever-growing income from video marketing.

6) 800+ Music Loops and 100+ Sound Effects

You will want to add backing music to your whiteboard animation videos to create the right type of mood for the message you are delivering.

Easy Sketch Pro comes with its own built-in music library but, while this is being added to on a regular basis, it is still relatively small.

In this huge bonus, I am giving you more than 800 (yes, 800) music loops that you can just upload to Easy Sketch Pro and use in your projects.

You will find music across multiple genres and for every occasion, from classical to club to disco to rock and all points in between.

There is happy music, sad music, scary music, exciting music, playful music… music for any mood you want to create.

The loops run from 30 seconds all the way up to 3 minutes and more and you are free to use them all in your whiteboard animation projects.

You won’t have to go looking for backing music ever again when it is all here at your fingertips.

And that’s not all…

I am also including more than 100 sound effects, from air horns to zippers, that you can use to add another dimension to your videos.

That’s more than 900 audio files you can use in any way you see fit!

7) 1,000+ Vector Images (New for Version 3)

If the 5,000 images described above are not enough for you, we’ve added a massive collection of more than 1,000 images.

And these are all in the vector format that Easy Sketch Pro loves, so you can plug them straight into the software.

There are 25 galleries, including Animals, Business, Fitness, Food, Money, People, Sports, Travel and much, much more.

Whatever your video project is about, you are sure to find lots of useful images in this huge collection.

8) Another 200+ Music Loops (New for Version 3)

Yes, I know we are already giving you 800+ music loops, but we couldn’t resist taking this bonus music collection to more than 1,000 tracks.

Seriously, you will never have to look anywhere else for background music to your videos, whatever mood you are looking to create.

9) 172 Image Backgrounds (New for Version 3)

As well as using a plain white ‘canvas’ for your projects, Easy Sketch Pro lets you use background images.

A small library of images comes with the software, but you can always do with more to give free rein to your creativity.

This collection of 172 high-resolution background images includes abstract, seasonal, textures, fabrics, paper and even studio and room ‘sets’.

10) 46 Video Frames (New for Version 3)

In addition to the 172 image backgrounds, you also get 46 ‘video frames’.

These are also image backgrounds but come in the form of ‘frames’ for your video presentations.

Hence, you can have your video appear to run on a smart phone, a tablet, a computer, a TV or even on a cinema screen. Very cool!

11) 34 Video Motion Backgrounds (New for Version 3)

As we have seen, Easy Sketch Pro allows you to add text and images onto a video background.

This collection of 34 video motion backgrounds includes abstract, code, money, space, water, seasonal and many more themes to add that extra dimension to your projects.

And There’s More…

We aim to make this bonus package the absolute best around for helping you get the most out of Easy Sketch Pro and your other video projects.

So watch this space for more bonuses coming soon. All buyers will be given free access to all future additions to the package.