12 Traits of Super Affiliates

I am by no means a Super affiliate but I aspire to become one and having hung around a few Super Affiliates I have noticed they all have these 12 traits in commons.

  • They create and pursue focused goals – They are super focused on achieving their goals
  • They take decisive and immediate action – They are not lazy and always learn  20% and implement 80%
  • They focus on being productive, not being busy – The focus on what brings money into their business which is continuously creating campaigns. The scale winning campaigns and cut losing campaigns fast
  • They make logical informed decisions – They gather data quickly and make logical informed decisions on the data the acquire
  • They avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect – They always perfecting the imperfect
  • They work outside of their comfort zone – They are inventors. They swipe, deploy and improve campaigns to find winning campaigns. They also create new angles for their campaigns.
  • They keep things simple – They keep it real simple. –  They focus on their strengths and get a team do to what they are not good at.
  • They focus on making small, continuous improvements – They start small and making improvements along the way.
  • They measure and track their progress – They continuously testing and tracking their campaigns.
  • They maintain a positive attitude as they learn from their mistakes – They learn from their mistakes fast and keep a positive attitude at all times
  • They network with other successful super affiliates – They go to where other super affiliates hang out like forums, conferences, Skype groups etc
  • They maintain balance in their life – They know being a super affiliate is just part of the game. They don’t mess with their spiritual and health wellness.

Hope you enjoyed this post and aspire to be a Super affiliate. Drop me a comment if you did. I wish you all the success you deserve.

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